As mortals living in a fallen world, each of us is subject to the limitations and downward pull of the flesh. At times, we may think of our body as a prison rather than as a temple. Thankfully, the Lord has filled the scriptures with instructions regarding what we should and should not do with the various parts of our body. "If we ignore these instructions for our spiritual anatomy, we will find ourselves prisoners to the carnal flesh, spiraling downward into captivity and forfeiting our rightful place in the next life," writes bestselling author Steven A. Cramer. "But as we do our best to apply the Lord's counsel for each part of our bodies, we make it possible for Christ to rescue us from the Fall and give us a newness of life in His image." Victory in Christ offers hope and encouragement that leads to victory through the love and atonement of Jesus Christ. It will help you live in a temple body worthy of the companionship of the Holy Spirit.