I knew almost nothing on this book when I started it, I know of the author (and his wife) from their various webcomics that I read on a daily basis. This was also the first book I read on the HP Touchpad through a Kindle app, I'll get to that experience after the book review. The book was a tragicomedy, some parts were definitely 2 stars for me and some parts were 4 stars. He definitely has a knack for making you laugh and cringe and sometimes at the same time. This story would work as a psychological study of Asperger's or a condition of it that leads you to look, feel, and act like a stalker. The story is fiction, but it reads very real and that makes a lot of it hard to take in. Veins is a nickname he gets in school and he hates it, the only real name we get from him is M.R. because "he hates it when people use my first two names." He has some great one-liners, slogans he's convinced a company will buy one day, and explanations for life in the book and that's where most of the comedy came from, at least for me. While we feel sad for him or even sometimes disgusted, he handles it well and tells himself and the audience the reason it's okay and why he/we shouldn't worry. "If we all got what we wanted, everyone would be astronauts, astronaut ice cream would taste good instead of like envelope glue." The book itself is written in a choppy almost mentally challenged sort of way, but it reads fast and was clearly for effect.

Now for the Kindle app (I've never used a full Kindle, so I don't know the differences), I liked reading on this way more than I ever thought I would. The option to make the background tan and the letters brown was very soothing and felt the most real. The other options are black background with white letters, which is annoying for a full book, and white background with black letters, which is decent but I don't know how long I'd want to read that. The app is in a beta so I can't see page numbers yet, which bugs some people but to me your percentage means more than page numbers on a device like this. This won't replace a real book for me, but I will use it, since I have it, for cheaper books (I was surprised that some paperbacks are still cheaper than the ebooks) and books I don't care to own physically, but also don't want to just get from the library.