Very helpful book about types, how to prepare etc. with recipes. Also gives variations on recipes. Tried marinating mushrooms two ways. Liked one as is, the other I think will be could if I saute them. Will try out tonight. Con - he talks about Ramps but never explains what they are. Pro - as compared to Cranberry beans which he does define.Turns out a ramp is also called a wild leek. Who knew?

FYI — "The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink," the word ramp comes from "rams," or "ramson," an Elizabethan dialect rendering of the wild garlic. The word is first mentioned in English print in 1530, but was used earlier by English immigrants of the southern Appalachian Mountains.

I can just see myself — "Did you find everything ok?" asks the young clerks at my local grocery store. (Who didn't know what jicama was when I brought it to the check out line.) "No," say I. "Where are your ramps?"