Delightful adaptation of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, that shares preparations for "Zoo Day." But the llamas won't quit spitting, the giraffes are drooling, and the zebras aren't happy at all with their stripes. Meanwhile, the zoo keepers are busily getting ready. Will "Zoo Day" go off without a hitch? All Sylvan Dell titles feature free educational resources at, including the "For Creative Minds" sections and additional teaching activities. The "For Creative Minds" educational section of 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day includes: Animal Adaptation Matching Activity An animal facts chart All about zoo keepers Creative Sparks: imagine you are a zoo keeper Animals include: Alligators ??? Antelopes ??? Black bears ??? Elephants ??? Flamingos ??? Geckos ??? Giraffes ??? Gorillas ??? Lions ??? Llamas ??? Meerkats ??? Monkeys ??? Rhinos ??? Snakes ??? Toucans ??? Turtles ??? Zebras