Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was one of the most forward-looking thinkers of the early twentieth century.Trained as a paleontologist and ordained a Jesuit priest, foresaw the time when scientific knowledge and religious knowledge would join together in an ecstasy of sorts that he termed the "Omega Point".This is arguably one of the greatest single ideas of twentieth century thought.If the book were rated solely on this point, it would definitely be a 5-star work.

However, reading Teilhard's book is a test of patience.For one thing, his several chapters of scientific commentary are woefully out of date — one would do much better to read a 21st century exposition.More importantly, Teilhard's writing style is so turgid, fluffy and filled with hyperbole that it is very hard to understand what he is really saying.

Indeed, it is a great pity that such a great idea was couched in such a murky exposition.