When untamed passion leads to murder, the lives of two people will never be the same.

Cora Dalton’s world has spiraled out of control. Months of terror at the hands of a determined stalker who wants to claim her for his own culminate in the brutal slaying of her sister, and Cora goes on the run. She trusts no one, not even the police, until she meets a sexy stranger who can uncover her darkest secrets with a simple touch.

Ryan McCabe senses what others cannot, and when he stumbles across the beautiful lead witness in his best friend’s latest homicide case, one caress tells him she’s desperate…and lying about something. Ryan knows what it’s like to be all alone in the world, and he can’t just walk away, but he can’t trust the beautiful liar hiding out in his bedroom, either. Forming an uneasy alliance, they frantically search for a madman determined to possess Cora one way or another while fighting an attraction that could get them both killed.