There's nothing like the bond you have with your dog. He's your buddy on the hiking trail, your blanket on a cold night — he's your best friend. Your relationship with your dog is anything but ordinary. Wouldn't it be great if you could break out of the confines of ordinary dog care?In The New Age Dog, author/trainer Liz Palika explores the many ways you can provide your dog with natural health-care, from how to prepare a homemade diet and how to massage your dog, to the use of acupuncture and acupressure for treating physical ailments. You'll learn new ways to enhance your communication with your dog, like how to read his body language and how he reads yours, and how you can communicate telepathically. You'll also investigate the new application of ancient beliefs, from the healing power of crystals and stones to the occult sciences of astrology and numerology. Does your dog have an aura? What's your canine's sign? Do Bach flower remedies actually work? Palika introduces you to the mystical side of your dog, while offering lots of practical alternatives for healing techniques.

In this thoughtful book, Palika also explores your most fundamental questions:
— What is the most nutritious, natural food for my dog?
— Can alternative medicine be used on my pet?
— Where does my dog fit into my spiritual beliefs?

You and your dog will have a magical, provocative experience journeying to new lands with The New Age Dog.