In a trailer park on the edge of town, she works too many hours, puts out too many of her husband's fires and sees few ways of turning it around.The after work crowd that crashes her house at the invitation of her husband gives her no rest between work and raising her kids.Her husband's freelance employment at turns scrounging metal for scrap or helping his buddy sell drugs do nothing to secure their future together.

Excerpt from The Dogshit Summer

~Hank Jr., Shelby, and Cody are down at Hank's folks' house just down the street a ways where the trailer park lowers to a pretty, wooded, park-type area.On the other side of Stranger's Crick, the stream that runs down to the river, is the women's prison.
I had the house to myself, except for the noise.Hank is supposedly down at the crick, fishing with a friend he ain't heard from since high school but I guess it's only three years ago Hank dropped out of junior year.~