"The AHAs Have It!" provides a fun, enlightening read on a subject that could be surprisingly important to your future.

We all have AHA moments — those special flashes of intense insight that slap home suddenly, like a wet fish upside the face. AHAs can send you off, moving you in directions you were always meant to go, or they can push you away from toxic situations you should avoid, protecting and guiding you in uncountable ways.

Many people believe AHA moments are rare and elusive, sometimes occurring only once or twice in a person’s life. "The AHAs Have It!" makes the case for the exact opposite view.

The first collaborative effort to be released by the Inkubator Mastermind, "The AHAs Have It!" includes sometimes deeply personal insights from six members of the prestigious group’s members and one chapter by Mastermind founder Alan R. Bechtold. The book opens with a superb definition of AHA moments, putting them into the light for close examination and providing tips for how to make yourself more aware of the many additional insights around you. Then, six different story examples follow, help make identifying and capitalizing on those special AHA moments even easier.

You’ll definitely enjoy the insights in "The AHAs Have It!" You could find you can’t wait to share this book with everyone you know and you’re encouraged by the publishers to do so. After all, the price is right and so is the message!