This exciting collection of radio comedy from Waterlogg Productions features four must-listens: "Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Missing Countess"; "A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Vol. 3"; "A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Vol. 4"; and "Simon Studio Presents, Vol. 1."

1. "Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Missing Countess" by Jon Koons, produced by Joe Bevilacqua, and read by Jon Koons, with Joe Bevilacqua

Scotland Yard is puzzled. A young countess has gone missing, and Sherlock Holmes, the world s greatest detective, is summoned. Accompanied by the redoubtable Watson, Holmes must juggle the clues. What does he see? Why does he instruct Watson to bring his wife to the circus three days later? And why does Watson keep sneezing? An original Holmes adventure, it is one of Holmes more whimsical cases.

Bonus Tracks: Noted fictional newsman Walter Cockeyed (Joe Bev) fills in for Joe Bevilacqua to present an interview with Jon Koons, the actor-writer-director behind the new stage play "Cockeyed Radio: Sherlock Holmes Misadventures with Abbott & Costello," sponsored by Brooklyn Seltzer Boys and Thayers Natural Remedies. Also heard is "The Mystery of The Creepy Hack Writer," the first installment of Joe Bev s ten-part audio parody series, the Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes.

2. "A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Vol. 3," produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua

This collection offers more audio drama, comedy, biography, and documentary from veteran award-winning radio dramatist Joe Bevilacqua. Together with his wife, Lorie Kellogg, Bevilacqua has amassed thousands of hours of audio entertainment through his Waterlogg Productions and Blackstone Audio. Each half hour is beautifully produced with an original cast of professional actors, sound effects, and music.

Volume three includes "We Take You Now to Grover s Mill"; "War of the Welles"; "Son of Harpo Speaks, Part 1"; "Homeland Security Comes to Camp Waterlogg"; "Akrotiri"; "The Unlucky Merchant"; "If We All Talked Like Allen Jenkins"; "The Village Life"; "Stench of the City"; "Huck Goes to the Moon"; and "If You Find an Opening, Jump In."

3. "A Joe Bev Audio Theater Sampler, Vol. 4," produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua

Don t miss this fourth volume of audio drama, comedy, and biography from veteran award-winning radio dramatist Joe Bevilacqua, either!

Volume four includes "Holy Smoke, or The Red-Suite Man"; "The Christmas That Almost Never Was"; "Sherlock Holmes Creepy Christmas"; "A Pedro Christmas Sampler"; "A Call from the Storm"; "Edgarton Voss Steps Out But Not Too Far"; "Settling In"; "Uncle Dunkle s Umbrella, Tire, and Jalopy"; "Son of Harpo Speaks, Part 2"; "More Teaman and Friends"; "This Here Is Your Life, Sherlock Holmes"; and "Perils of the Tiger Barn."

4. "Simon Studio Presents, Vol. 1," produced by Joe Bevilacqua

The Simon Studio is a training and performance theater company, headed by Roger Hendricks Simon, of Joe Papp s New York Shakespeare Festival. At the Simon Studio, actors, writers, directors, artists, and thinkers freely mix in a workshop environment. This working process often allows scenes and monologues to develop organically into award-winning performances for public and industry audiences, on stage, television, film, and audio. There are original works by Dramatists Guild playwrights, screenwriters, and directors, plus renditions of classic plays by such renowned authors as Tennessee Williams, Eugene O Neill, Paddy Chayefsky, Anton Chekhov, Arthur Miller, and, of course, Shakespeare.

This first collection of "Simon Studio Presents" includes "Oedipus Noir" by Ralph Tyler, "Dancing in the Dark" by Vivian Green, "The Portrait" by Sarah Levine Simon, and "A Midsummer Night s Dream" by William Shakespeare."