I think I liked this even better than the first book. I love Tarzan and the action was great. I liked that Tarzan had such an awful, cruel adversary in this book. I hated Rokoff and Paulvitch and even though Tarzan killed a fair number of men in the story, which was quite brutal in places, you found yourself cheering him on because of the cruelty the hunters inflicted on the animals just for sport or for money. My favourite parts of the book is on the boat when Robbie, Jane and Tarzan try to rescue Karnath and then when the hunters are trying to flee in the trucks and the three of them ride up on zebras alongside the cheetahs and dispose of half of the bad guys. I loved it when Paulvitch was attacked in the truck by the cheetah because it was so violent but deserved as he is so horrible and cruel. I am really looking forward to reading the next one because of who Jane and Robbie find back at the camp at the end. I think it will be really exciting!