Most studies of the Lord's Supper ask, "What happens when people take communion?" Dan Schmidt challenges us to change our thinking. "Communion is not about taking. . . . Jesus is the Lord, who gives. In his hands, the Supper becomes a parable of grace, where God's good gifts flow unchecked. We're meant to recline at this spot and linger in the nourishing presence of the Lord. We come not as takers of but as those about to be taken by communion." Drawing from 1 Corinthians 11, Schmidt gives us practical and devotional reflection on communion. He paints a compelling picture of the transformation God calls for as the elements of communion bring us near to the one who wants to be a vital part of our daily lives. This is the story of a God who wants his people to be consumed by him alone. What is needed in worship, says Schmidt, is not so much to invoke God's presence as to pray for awareness that he is already among us. This thoughtful and unique approach to communion is a fine resource for worship leaders.