I think the sure sign that you're enjoying a book is when nothing will distract you from reading and finishing it. When you're finding yourself constantly looking for a distraction while reading, that's when it's time to give up and move on.

The first thing that should be off putting about this book is the front cover. A Mills & Boon-esque cover is always a turn off, and I seem to own a few similar ones to that style. I hated this cover upon sight, but I still thought that the author could not go wrong, since it was about the Titanic. How wrong I was!

The characters are the most two dimensional, unlikeable characters I have come across, in a long time. When you've reached page 100 and couldn't honestly say what the character was bringing to the storyline, if anything, the characters are not well enough fleshed out. The only two people that stood out for me were the twins - Smoke and Swan. Firstly, because of their names and then how instantly irritated they made me feel.

The rest of the characters, well I honestly couldn't tell you who was who or what their purpose was, apart from Smoke and Swan.

The other thing that really annoyed me about this, was how the author was almost slanderous towards a couple of people. Captain Smith was practically described as being like a horny teenage boy with his first copy of Playboy and the author talking of him being "roused" at the sight of the women coming on board the Titanic and how they made his "manhood throb", was completely unnecessary. I would never think of myself as a prude but it almost seems like the author is trying to time the Titanic into a hot ... ship of affairs and bed hopping. Officer Boxhall doesn't get off much better, stating to Captain Smith that he will leave the "princesses" to him and he prefers the "loose fleshed" women.

If this hadn't originally been published in the 80s, I would have thought the author was jumping on the 50 Shades bandwagon, but it seems she's riding on Jackie Collins etc coattails, with poorly written cardboard cut out characters. This will not be remaining in my collection.

Am I really the first person to write an honest review of this? I'm quite shocked that there has been no reviews since the publication of this? Or maybe other potential reviewers were even more bored than me.