"Hayden nails it again with this darkly delightful collection filled with unforgettable characters and their askew outlooks!" G.L. Giles

"Mr. Hayden, the devil told me if you continue to write this well you’ll need to bargain the souls of your offspring as well." Alexander Beresford, Author of Charla

“A fantastic mixed bag of highly imaginative tales. Spectacular and strange, wondrous and wild. It felt like Hayden was The Hatter and I was a wide-eyed enjoyably dazzled guest sitting at his tea-party table.” —HORNS, Author of Chophouse and Stationhouse No. 1

"S. C. Hayden’s collection of the macabre is a stunning visual ride on the highway of horror. His exemplary use of blindsiding; S.C. Hayden pulls his reader in and then hits when and where least suspected. He pushes the boundaries between sane and insane thus making the reading of “Rusty Nails, Broken Glass” an excellent collection. I highly recommend “Rusty Nails, Broken Glass” by S. C. Hayden…hands down the swiftest way to get swept away with a true master of horror." –Char Hardin/charhardin.com