Across the spectrum of psychopathology in later life, psychotic symptomatology has been the most neglected, and although literature in this area is increasing, this is the first book to address the need for an overarching framework to examine and understand late-life psychotic phenomena.; Exploring the practical and ethical issues that arise when managing psychotic elderly patients in the community, as well as the sequelae of stigmatisation and carer stress, this text: * brings together the latest research findings on schizophrenia as it presents in later life; * covers the frequent comorbidity of psychotic symptoms with cognitive impairment, mood disturbance and physical illness; * highlights the diversity of late-life psychotic symptomatology, discussing both aetiological considerations and management strategies.; With such a wealth of modern, detailed information, this book provides the most current understanding of psychosis in the elderly, and is also an informative clinical guide when managing psychotic elderly patients.