Train with the giants of bodybuilding

What if bodybuilding legends Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, and Lou Ferrigno were your training partners—can you imagine how massive, ripped, and strong you would be? Fitness pioneers John Little and Robert Wolff share with you the training secrets of the sport's greatest champions—secrets that will jump-start your workouts, transform your body, and deliver muscle gains you never thought possible.

One More Rep! is the one-and-only book that gives you exclusive powerhouse tips from more than 60 of bodybuilding's elite, covering every aspect of nutrition, strength training, motivation, and competition.

Mike Mentzer gets you into the gym Arnold Schwarzenegger motivates you to keep going Lou Ferrigno shows you how to get massive Steve Reeves explains how to get your muscles symmetrical Robby Robinson gives you pointers for bigger biceps Reg Park helps you achieve killer calves Cory Everson helps you improve your flexibility And dozens more bodybuilding stars give you their best advice for pumping up