I was hoping to come away from this one with a great understanding of this 2,500 page monstrosity of a law.Instead I came away with a little bit of understanding.Of course it's difficult to understand something that is still a work in progress.It did confirm that the law will cost approximately $1 trillion and there are enough fees, taxes and penalties in it to pay for it.It also adds untold layers of bureauocracy.It does specifically refute the idea of a "Death Panel" but it will add an Independent Payment Advisory Board of un-elected
bureaucrats with virtually unlimited power.It will take a 3/5 super majority of the Senate to rescind their decisions.The author doesn't speak to it but I can envision care rationing.The law also provides for the creation of Accountable Care Organizations whereby groups of healthcare professionals deliver team-based care to patients.Each member of the team will be paid by the government on a fee-for-service basis with bonuses paid for care that is delivered below a given dollar threshold.It looks like some care rationing could take place here as well.The author comments, "This isn't quite socialized medicine but it's a step in that direction."My take is that Obamacare is a mammoth undertaking that the private sector would have trouble making work, let alone an incompetent government.