Nothing brings as much joy to a happily married couple other than the birth of their first child. For some, that would be the world, but for Dennis and Angelina that was far from it. They got their perfect wedding but while they were on their honeymoon someone from their past came back and tried to put an end to it all. Dennis now has to helplessly watch his wife be tortured when there is nothing for him to do to stop all the madness. On the other hand, Angelina knows that if she doesn’t do something fast they will both die and so will their unborn child. Fear and hatred are the two worst emotions Angelina can feel as it will rage her already unpredictable powers and force her to a dark side, a place where she could loss all sanity by becoming something she never wanted.
“Nothing Lasts Forever” may start off like an ideal conclusion to an alluring love story, but an uncertain fate lies for Dennis and Angelina. For every challenge encountered for the couple there is an opportunity for happiness, heartache, and even death. In this fourth installment of the “Seduced Series” you will find that forever is a lie.