MA: Iron Man is love!

I've always thought that Tony Stark was best an an adult Marvel character: what with his battle against alcoholism, having issues with his father's legacy (as well as his own), and tortured relationships. These messy personal issues are a keen contrast to Tony's abilities and his wish to leave the world a better place than how he's come into it. Tony's a rich adult character, and I was initially worried about MA:Iron Man, but no fear.

This kid friendly imaging actually captures the best part of Tony Stark, in terms of his technology, his friendships with James Rhodes, Happy Hogan and Virginia Potts (pepper), as well as his generous and jocular nature. The book isn't all sweetness and light, in that Tony still has a bit of issues with Howard Stark (his father), and it's enough tart to make the book interesting for an adult reader.

Alas, the MA:IM series was cancelled at issue #13, which is a pity, because it was a darker comic than MA:Avengers, but the story is all good, the art is pretty, and you might wish that 616 Marvel took a leaf out of this book and give Tony an opportunity to lighten up a little.

The Marvel Adventures line is love. If you have children, or know children, just buy the digests (cheaper) and give it to 'em. The stories are fun, and the art is bright and pretty. Save the American comics industry. Or at least, the Marvel Adventures end.