The Descendants is styled after works from the Bronze Age of Comic Books, a time before superhero comics were dominated by grim and gritty deconstructions; when comic books were fun. It is presented in a unique manner: as an all-prose comic book complete with issues, specials and annuals. Each tells a complete story that ties into the overall tale of the titular superheroes.

In the second exciting volume: After fending off the threat of Morganna and the forces of Project Tome, The Descendants turn their sights to the homefront. The teens need to be reunited with their parents and the older members have families of their own to reconnect with.

Of course, they'll have to do this while dealing with an anti-descendant religious movement as well as all-new villains like the Interfacers, Aces High and Mad-Mad Madigan. And if that wasn't enough, an old enemy returns with some monstrous new friends!

They are heroes. They are people. This is their story.

Collects Issues #13-24, Descendants Special #2, Descendants Annual #2, and the miniseries Rise of Morganna from the web serial The Descendants by Landon Porter.

Content in this collection was previously published in the ebooks The Devil Came Down To Mayfield, and A MagicTech Crisis.