This is a source of intellectual rigour! Boyle is criticising the standardised testing prevailing in most educational systems around the globe. The testocratic British Educational system and the demand for higher scores in numeracy and literacy by the education policy in the U.K is one of this books' main subject. Boyle is one of the greatest British academic defenders of the Formative teaching and learning in classroom practice. He is taking Assessment for Learning much further than Black and Wiliams do, as he insists that Formative assessment is a procedure, not a list of goals to be achieved by the end of a classroom lesson. His work is embracing the contectualisation of Pedagogy as it can be found in the works of Perrenoud, Allal and Freire. The supporters (educators or not) of Formative teaching, learning and assessment, will find his words to be life-changing. A treasure! I totally recomend it!