Get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch, and discover the hidden features you never even realised were there.

iPhone and iPad Secrets explores the amazing built-in features that you are unlikely to find without being shown. These 'secret' features enable you to do more with your device, get things done more efficiently, and have more fun!

Discover how to:

Take photos at the same time as recording video
Use turn by turn navigation without draining your battery quickly
Navigate 3D photo realistic models of major cities around the world
Personalise Siri to call you by name
Improve the photographs you've taken, and take better photos in the future
Stop your device from bothering you while you're trying to sleep
Have your device read webpages to you aloud
Take amazing panoramic photographs
Type with your voice
Control your music without even unlocking your device
Switch between apps quickly and easily
Use apps more efficiently and get things done faster
Have music play as you wake up or go to sleep
Effortlessly keep friends and family updated with your latest photos
Manage notifications easily
And much, much more, all with the built-in software on your device.

This book is designed to be as simple as possible to follow, but also enjoyable to read. Fully up to date for devices running iOS 6, you'll find yourself quickly getting more from your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch than ever before!