Lured by the promise of a family mystery, art historian Evangeline "Evie" Ryder agrees to attend her cousin's house party in a rambling Pennsylvania mansion once owned by her great, great Aunt Eva, for whom she was named. Aunt Eva lived in the old house with two handsome men for decades, but no one really knew the nature of her relationships with them. Armed with a couple of photographs Evie sets out to uncover the truth.

When the house party guests arrive, Evie discovers among them two men she has lusted after for months. When she learns that the men are best friends and roommates she tells herself they are off-limits but can't help wanting them. Both of them. As Evie investigates the past, each clue brings her closer to learning her aunt's secrets – and discovering the passionate promise of love with two men.

* Hide and Seek originally appear in the collection Three in a Bed.