The most up-to-date and comprehensive English-language study of its kind, From Victory to Vichy explores the political mobilization of the two largest French veterans' associations during the interwar years, the Union fédérale and the Union nationale des combattants. Drawing on extensive research into the associations' organization, policies, and tactics, this study argues that French veterans were more of a threat to democracy that previous scholarship has allowed. As France descended into crisis, the UF and the UNC sought to extend their influence into the non-veteran milieu through public demonstrations, propaganda campaigns and the foundation of auxiliary groups. Despite shifting policies and independent initiatives, by the end of the 1930s the UF and the UNC had come together in a campaign for authoritarian political reform, leaving them perfectly placed to become the "eyes and ears" of Marshal Pétain's Vichy regime. Offering an original contribution to the history of late Third Republican political culture, From Victory to Vichy will appeal to students and scholars of modern France and Europe.