When humans and canines interact, there is a considerable difference in cultural expectations and needs. What we may consider rude, our dogs may consider excellent manners. What we consider loving and responsible behavior, our dogs may see as ineffective leadership. And when these two cultural perspectives clash, problems begin.

Without making the common mistake of assuming that our dogs are wolves (they are not) and we are just two-legged members of the pack (it's more complicated than that!), Finding A Balance examines the differences between canine and human perceptions of power and leadership. This booklet offers tips on evaluating the balance of power in your household, as well as easy to use, commonsense guidelines for establishing or restoring a healthy balance to your relationship with your dogs.

If your goal is a friendship, not a dictatorship, Finding A Balance will help you recognize your dog's cultural needs for leadership and find ways to meet those needs in a holistic and loving way.