In the first story, Ryo finds out more about his parents' murder, fortunately Dee is there to pick up the emotional pieces. Oh, and Diana turns up again, albeit briefly.

The second story focuses on J.J. with him meeting up with an old friend on the force that he was close to. For me this was a turning point, as I'd found his character pretty annoying and insubstantial up to this point in the series, but here he reveals himself to be so much more than his crush on Dee!

The last story is about Carol, Bikky, Lai and Lass. Lai invites them over to his place for a study sleep-over and they meet Lai's older brother, Law, who is in charge of their family's very successful business. Bikky and Lai then find out the lengths people will go to try and take advantage of that success, with Bikky and Carol finding out that there is more to Lai and Lass than meets the eye.