Award-Winning Finalist in The 2012 USA Best Book Awards

Espresso Fiction is an award-winning finalist in the 'E-book: General Fiction' category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

Dive into a world full of shrinking husbands, one-night stands, and President Lincoln doppelgangers. Flip through FictionBrigade’s first collection of flash fiction stories, where death meets love meets politics. Here, 25 talented writers, plus poets and artists, embrace the challenge of short form storytelling and deliver page-turning fiction. Enjoy it all in one sitting, with your morning cup of coffee.

Flash fiction by:

Kaj Anderson-Bauer, Eleanor Bennett, Roy Buck, Brian Cooper, Jacqueline Delibes, Shawn Duyette, Christopher Hackbarth, Richard Helmling, Walter Holland, Sean Lefler, Danilo Lopez, Catherine A. MacKenzie, Monica Martinez, Debra Mathis, Melanie McDonald, Peter McKenna, Melissa Mendelson, Brandon Meyer, Shelley Muniz, Ryan Moll, Brittany Newell, Vincent Rendoni, Allie Rowbottom, Jessica Simms, Louise Farmer Smith, Simone Stedmon, Clare Tascio, Ling E. Teo, Valerie Tidwell, Lauren Tolbert, Gina Wohlsdorf, Meirav Zehavi

What Is Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction is short form stories that can be told in 50-1500 words. Also art, according to FictionBrigade. It's a genre of its own. Not poetry, not quite short stories, but delightful slices of life that can each be read in one sitting.

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