Madeleine Starx is a spoiled young waster from Beverly Hills, obsessive with sex and designer labels. Daughter of a studio owner, she can afford just about anything until she eventually steams up her diligent father by her frivolous lifestyle. Threatening with disinheritance, Gregory exiles her to Europe to make her taste the real life through learning to love. His stiff requirement enforces Madeleine to earn true love of three different men within nine months. This insightful experiment is to be performed under control of Gregory’s assistant, and confirmed by three engagement rings. The only choice she has is to pick three countries.
Seemingly crude in the beginning, the novel gradually reveals Madeleine’s metamorphosis, as she reconceives such timeless values as love, friendship and family. Join Madeleine on her thorny but thrilling path, as she starts her life afresh and suffers hardships and deprivation, experiences love and loss on the way to her own heart.
"Art de Vivre" is an opening book of the trilogy taking place in France. Feeling like a misfit and shocked by her miserable living conditions, Madeleine unwittingly learns to adjust and soon perceives the true art of living. Along with her first true love….Charming and reliable, romantic and possessive, winemaker Didier Durand impersonates an absolute fantasy guy: a true Frenchman, a genuine gourmand and a crafty seducer, enjoying life onboard of his house-boat on the Seine. Their love affair develops in the midst of verdant Paris, revolving around the cognominal la Madeleine church and mysterious corners of Montmartre – the two crucial landmarks that will witness their happiness and unavoidable breakup.
Enjoy an eventful journey interlacing drama and humor, fleshed out with feminine wiles, fancy fair and immodest erotism. An audacious vision that will justify the polygamy of human nature and invert the common stereotypes of true love!